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Look through the lens of the water world that surrounds us, feel the power and natural resources of our rivers. Read more about us...Tickets online

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Aquatika, rijeka Korana i Aquatika

Think ecologically

Man influences on nature and ECO system. Meet the nature that you haven’t had a chance to meet before in order to protect it.

Meet the world under the surface

Fell the richness of every drop of Croatian waters. Look throught the magnifier at the water world which surround us under the surface.

Get back to the nature

Advance technology, hectic life style, polluted air, urban area, stress… Do you recognize yourself? It’s time to go back to nature.

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Djevojčica pred akvarijem

“Croatia is one of the European countries with the richest ichthyofauna and flora, and the city of Karlovac as a city famous for its four rivers, is particularly suitable  for the presentation of the natural richness of our fresh waters.”

     city major of Karlovac Damir Jelić, prof.

Fresh water  aquarium Aquatika is a public institution created in a first place to meet the demands of children and youth, students, scientists, aquarists and local population, to develop the awareness about extraordinary biological diversity and at the same time to educate its vistors how to sustainably use the exceptional richness of Croatia.