Karlovac Fire Department Museum was founded in 2009 on the occasion of Karlovac’s birthday. It contains over a thousand valuable exhibits that present the history of fire brigade in the Karlovac area.

“Museum of Karlovac Fire Department 1871” was opened on the occasion of Karlovac’s birthday in 2009.

The roots of fireworks go back in the Roman times, and in our area have a long tradition. Strong development of fire protection was noted in the 19th century when significant economic development was taking place. Such kind of development was followed by the occurrence of fire, and organizational security concerns were needed. That is why many fire brigades are founded.

Karlovac voluntary fire brigade was founded on May 5, 1871. It was founded by the mayor Dr. Ivan Šimunić. This event was the beginning of fire development in the Karlovac County area.



Firefighters from the Karlovac County have edited this exhibition space in memory of a long tradition and gratitude to the firefighter developers in the Karlovac area. In the museum there are over a thousand exhibits from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Karlovac firefighters invite you to take a look at this valuable collection! Whether you want to know more about the fireworks history, Karlovac’s social life from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, or the story of the life of the beloved bishop of Otlija – then definitely do not miss visiting this museum!

Source: https://www.karlovac-touristinfo.hr/hr/node/400