National shrine

The construction of the church dedicated to St. Joseph began from the intention to serve the needs of the Dubovac district. However, during construction, especially when it was already mostly completed, there was an application for the establishment of the sanctuary by the priests outside the Archdiocese of Zagreb church. Appreciating that application Bishops’ Conference issued a conclusion in Zagreb on April 15th 1987 that the Church of St. Joseph in Karlovac-Dubovac became national shrine of St. Joseph Church in Croatia. This was done with the desire to deepen, broaden and strengthen the centuries of worship of St. Joseph in our nation. It is also the expression of devotion, respect and love for the St. Joseph.

This conclusion was reached in the year of St. Joseph, which was opened in this sanctuary by the Cardinal Franjo Kuharic on Joseph day in 1987, and concluded on Joseph day in 1988 on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the choice of St. Jospeh for the patron of the homeland.

National shrine of St.Joseph

Bishops’ Conference has approved at its meeting in Split on October 14, 1987 the Statute of the sanctuary with the aim of promoting and honoring St. Joseph as the virginal father of Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom of the Blessed Virgin Mary and patron of the Croatian people. For this purpose, in the sanctuary the days dedicated to St. Joseph will be celebrated more festive, the Herald of St. Joseph and a prayer of St. Joseph will be issued, the Brotherhood of St. Joseph to help the dying will be promoted, every Wednesday the devotion of St. Joseph will be held, the pilgrims will be received when they arrive and more.

The bishops want that the pilgrims find the light of God’s Word in the sanctuary, the grace of the sacraments, the courage for good, comfort in the difficulties of life, the boost of the effective love of God and people. It also intended to pray for the whole nation and all the people and true progress, harmony, prosperity and peace.