Croatian veterinary institute

Croatian veterinary institute through control of health and animal well being, security and quality of animal origin foods, and through competent scientific biomedical research is benefiting the improvement of healthy animal production, safe and quality ensured products, and the protection and safety of people.

Croatian institute for biodiversity

Croatian institute for biodiversity was founded 2012 in Zagreb. Institute members are non-government associations connected through common goals: promotion and stimulation of scientific and research work, nature and environment protection, raising the public biodiversity awareness, species and habitat endangerment, sustainable development and nature and environment protection.

Pan, Association for Environment and Nature protection

Pan, Association for Environment and Nature protection (Eko Pan) is a non-government, non-party and non-profit Association whose mision is ecology education, nature and environment protection, promotion of sustainable development principals and organizing and participating in the Karlovac county environment protection.

Gradski muzej Karlovac

Karlovac city museum was founded in 1904 with the purpose od preserving and presenting the heritage of Karlovac. The museum has seven departments which guide the visitors through the history of karlovac since the ancient times up until the present. The Karlovac City Museum consists of the City museum, Vjekoslav Karas Gallery, Old town Dubovac and military complex Turanj.