The star is the name of the oldest and central part of the city of Karlovac, the so-called Karlovac fortress, which was built in the 16th century as a Renaissance fortification system of a characteristic hexagon shape.
This stellar fortress of geometrically correct and proportionate streets and squares is bordered by six five-sided bastions connected by earthy ramparts (curtines), which, on the outside, are accompanied by a fortress barge and a sloping, earthy embankment (glaciers, glaciers) that provides good defensive front fortress. Such a system of construction was the expression of the highest fortification ideas of that time, and it corresponded to the war strategy of that time in which the short-sighted artillery dominated.

Lineage of starry cities, within which Karlovac is the first big new building, is more complex than this can be distinguished from defining defensive functions. It also contains the idea of ​​the “ideal city” of the Italian Renaissance, and from the beginning counts on the significant urban potential that enables rectangular raster streets, squares and blocks. This also fits in with the strategic thinking of that time, so fortification and urbanization go together. The star represents a unique historical and urban space and to this day it is a simbol of Karlovac.
* The web star is a project of the City of Karlovac which started in November 2011 with the aim of raising awareness of the cultural and historical significance of the Stars in general and professional scientific public. Information about the Stars on the official website of the city and on the web pages of the other City-related subjects are very scarce, and amendments are needed. The star is not sufficiently represented in the text on Karlovac at and it is not even mentioned on the most important web pages that deal with the history of military architecture, established ideal cities and similar topics.

Therefore, as a special goal of the project, it is determined that the professional content of the Star will be prepared in the initial stage in a manner suitable for publication on the web pages of the City of Karlovac. Activities started at the end of 2011, when space and technical possibilities for publishing at were determined. The working group was composed by Dr. sc. Milan Kruhek, Draženka Polović, Prof. Igor Čulig, msc. Marina Grčić and Maja Purgar dipl. political scientist. Digital form of old plans and maps was provided by Zvonimir Gerber, B.Sc. ing. It is planned to set up appropriate links to the content of the Star and to the website of the institutions and companies and generally the partner of Karlovac in the next phase. The next step is to publish the Star information at in appropriate areas such as: military architecture, ideal cities, polygonal forts, etc. The content will also be offered for publication on other relevant international sites dealing with these topics.