The city that has the attribute “the city of parks”, is proud of Vrbanić’s garden, which was opened to the public in 1896, and in its landscape-design sense it is probably the most valuable achievement.

The initiative for decorating this park, designed to be a small open-air botanical garden, was provided by the “City Beautification Society”, accepted by the Mayor and the famous Karlovac pharmacist Josip Vrbanić.
The park is located on the south-eastern part of the city, between the Korana River and the Karlovac ”Zvijezde”, and is part of the famous recreational area on the left bank of the Korana river. Vrbanić, by his dedication, arranges the plantation of trees and ornamental plants, which he receives from the Archbishop’s Garden, Vranyczany’s nursery at Dubovac, and Trieste and Vienna. The garden is divided into three parts, an English part of the park, a central part decorated in French style, and a third part made of coniferous spruce and fir. Many statues of terracotta were placed in the park, which had their place until the First World War. For a time, the sculpture exhibitions were organized in the open, a small zoo was set up, and along Perivoj peacocks were walking.

Today, the park is a favorite place for gathering numerous Karlovac residents as well as visitors of the city who enjoy the shade of centuries-old trees.